Specialist Suspended Ceilings and Plasterboard Ceilings

All Systems specialist suspended ceilings

We provide a wide range of specialist suspended ceilings including grid & tile suspended ceilings and suspended plasterboard ceilings

Suspended ceilings and plasterboard ceilingscreate bright, elegant spaces

Plasterboard ceilings are essential in creating the aesthetic elements of your office. Suspended ceilings are a clever way to of masking the unsightly nature of your building’s infrastructure, including piping, wiring, or ductwork.

Well installed and maintained suspended ceilings are a great way to brighten up your office space, while also allowing access for repairs and inspections. Drop ceilings may also be used to hide problems, such as structural damage. Further, drop out ceilings can also conceal the sprinkler systems while still providing full fire suppression functionality.


Create a calming, quiet office space for more productive staff

Suspended ceiling tiles are specially designed with acoustic balance and control in mind. A noisy room can overstimulate occupants, while a too quiet interior may seem dull and uninviting.As suspended ceiling tiles offer a happy medium your office workspace can feel the benefit of a calm, productive atmosphere with the right plasterboard ceiling.

Increased sustainability with suspended ceilings and plasterboard ceilings

The benefit of suspended ceilings and using suspended ceiling tiles in Ireland include:

  • Energy efficiency -The light reflectance of suspended ceiling tiles is designed in such a way to help keep energy costs down.
  • Reduced resources needed for construction of the tiles
  • Recyclable/reused/renewable materials

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