Wall & Floor Finishes

A design-led range of finishes for your walls and floors offers our clients variety and individuality for their company. Specific company branding, imaging and design can be incorporated within the wall and floor elements of a fitouts:

  • A number of treatments for walls from paint and paper-backed vinyl to digitally printed images.
  • Working wall – the addition of write-on/project-on wallpaper transforming your wall into a whiteboard.
  • Antibacterial coatings to both wall and floor
  • Manifestations – standard opaque to printed images or company logos
  • Specialist vinyl/rubber flooring
  • Tiling and carpet finishes
  • Stone floors
  • Living walls
  • Acoustic PET felt cladding

We are delighted to discuss requirements and invest time in the creation of your specific environment to suit your industry and needs.